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Lumpy Dumpy Buuu - Welcome to the Show Lumpy Dumpy Buuu - Welcome to the Show

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is pretty darn good. I have no complaints about those synths; they are meaty, heavy, and (in my opinion) pretty well made. I think you could mix the kicks and claps better though. The mixing isn't bad, but the kicks and claps don't really poke through. Some sounds in the intro and buildup are a bit too loud as well and they kind of overpower everything else. In short, work on your mixing, and you'll be good to go!

LumpyDumpyBuuu responds:

Thanks a lot, I'll take it more than you find, but I have better things but in my soundcloud: Lumpy Dumpy Buuu.

Wormhole Wormhole

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Okay, this is pretty good. I enjoy the leads and arpeggios you used throughout the track; I think they are quite unique and they are combined and arranged in an interesting way. I also feel as if the drums should be louder and more powerful; it doesn't sound like they are side chained (correct me if I'm wrong). I'm not really feeling the drop though. Most of it is just the same exact synth in a similar rhythm. The synth is also a bit too loud and it drowns everything else out a little bit.

To sum up, great intro and breakdown, mediocre drop, and okay mixing. 7/10

K-oztron responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I'm still new to dubstep, so the drop is not as good as I'd have liked. And yea, the kicks are sidechained.

FyrStorm - Diversity FyrStorm - Diversity

Rated 4 / 5 stars

First of all, you nailed the piano. I have said it before, but your skill with chords and melodies is fantastic. I think the kick was slightly too loud though. It didn't really blend well. I also think you could have added more. Like sub bass, hi hats, and pads or soft leads. Still, the piano is close to perfect. 8.5/10 -WR4ITH

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IMPKing6 responds:

Thank you! ;)