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So hyped for this! Men in Black and Airlock sound really good!

PhorHead responds:

Thanks my dude!

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The drums could poke through better. they fall a little flat, especially at the drop, and the fake-out at the second drop is way too long. Half as long as that is usually overkill. Also, the snare has some weird delay before it hits. That's it though. The drop synths are great, I love the melody, and there are no super obvious issues. I'd say this is this is your best work yet.

I'm finding myself really impressed with this one, I love the chord progression and atmosphere in the beginning. Those pads and chord are really well done. Also, I have to compliment you on the choice of bass and percussion, they fit well with the rest of track. With this being said, it's pretty repetitive. This aspect works for it until around the 3:00 mark, where I begin to get bored of the same chord progression. The mixing is also slightly off. It's a little muddy and the sidechain time is set a little high. Overall though, this is just a simple yet interesting piece with great attention to detail.

I'm really enjoying this one man! Definitely the best on the EP! Although, just a little empty, the intro has a really good swing and movement to it. The drop hits hard as hell, and I really like the basses. The arrangement is pretty good too! The drums could poke through just a little better, but that's not a huge problem. There's just one issue that's really preventing me from giving this a higher rating. That melodic ambient sample that plays throughout most of the song over everything else. It's not in key with everything else. You have to make sure that all the elements are in the same key and playing similar chords as everything else. Otherwise, it's just really distracting from the main point of the track. Overall this is pretty nice one though.

IMPKing6 responds:

I tried to make it all in the key of C, but the bells (which I assume is what you were talking about) were in a higher key of C than the rest of the song. I'll work on that next time!



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