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So hyped for this! Men in Black and Airlock sound really good!

PhorHead responds:

Thanks my dude!

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I haven't heard your stuff for a while now, and I gotta say, you've improved a lot my friend! I enjoy the melodic nature of the intro quite a bit, especially how it contains the glitchy aspect that is featured in the drop. The sound design during the drop is impressive and particularly interesting. Reminds me of older Oolacile. With that being said, the arrangement during the drop sounds slightly messy and random at times. I can forgive that to an extent though considering that is standard with these types of synths. Another thing I would like to add is that the track is pretty over compressed at points. I'm glad you're getting the master loud (something I really struggle with), but I would back off on the gain just a little bit and focus on getting the mix as clean as possible. Overall, just a really well crafted tune. I'm impressed :)

PhorHead responds:

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your feedback :)

I'm finding myself really impressed with this one, I love the chord progression and atmosphere in the beginning. Those pads and chord are really well done. Also, I have to compliment you on the choice of bass and percussion, they fit well with the rest of track. With this being said, it's pretty repetitive. This aspect works for it until around the 3:00 mark, where I begin to get bored of the same chord progression. The mixing is also slightly off. It's a little muddy and the sidechain time is set a little high. Overall though, this is just a simple yet interesting piece with great attention to detail.

One of my favorites of yours. Especially the midsection. Amazing attention to detail as always. <3



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