Birthday Announcements

2018-01-29 17:45:04 by WR4ITHMUSIC

1. I may or may not be doing a collab with a producer who is a lot bigger than me. It's currently in progress and will be released whether it's a collab or not.

2. I'm moving away from riddim to do more complex, growl based brostep as well as melodic music like prog. house and future bass (I'm not done with riddim, I'm just ready to exlpore more complex styles.)

3. My second EP is in progress and should be released in the next couple months


Level Two - Asylum (WR4ITH Remix) is out now!

2018-01-22 21:16:18 by WR4ITHMUSIC

My remix of Level Two's insane experimental track is out now under the Ethereal Network!

Listen on Soundcloud:

Free, Lossless Download on Bandcamp:
Free, Lossless Download on Toneden: (Soon)



Follow my Twitter!

2018-01-15 18:30:47 by WR4ITHMUSIC

I just made a twitter. Follow it. I'll be posting a bunch of updates and teasers here

My New Track "Lament" is Out Now For Free!

2017-11-11 14:48:49 by WR4ITHMUSIC

I apologize for the lack of uploads. I've just been trying to improve my skill and mixing and mastering. I've got plenty more coming too, so don't think of this as a one time thing ;)

Lossless Version:

Into Darkness EP Out Now!

2017-06-30 10:00:29 by WR4ITHMUSIC

My new EP "Into Darkness" is out now under the Ethereal Network!

Download it for Free on Bandcamp:

1. The Awakening (Prelude)
2. Into Darkness
3. Faint Of Heart
4. Cursed

Into Darkness EP out June 30th

2017-06-19 19:05:55 by WR4ITHMUSIC

Faint Of Heart, the first track off of my upcoming EP "Into Darkness" is out now! Full EP coming out June 30th on the Ethereal network.

Track List:
1. The Awakening (Prelude)
2 Into Darkness
3. Faint Of Heart
4. Cursed