What kind of music do you want on my next EP?

2017-10-16 22:43:49 by WR4ITHMUSIC

So, I'm making another EP that probably won't be released for a while, and I'm wondering what kind of stuff you guys want on it. Do you want me to make some heavy bangers, do you want something more melodic and moody, or do you want a mix of both. I'm up for either, and I really want you guy's opinion on it, so please comment down below and tell me what you want me to make next. Also, keep in mind this is not forever, only my next release or two.




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2017-10-16 23:02:14

I always welcome more happy-go-lucky stuff. The genre doesn't matter so long as the music is happy and fun.

WR4ITHMUSIC responds:

well crap. I can give you fun and playful, but I don't know about happy lol. My tracks are usually more dark, emotional, and contemplative, but I'll take that into account. Maybe a more positive sounding track would be nice.